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Best Stock Advisor – Is Motley Fool Stock Advisor Still the Best?

- TraderHQ Staff

What are the Best Stock Advisor Services?

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a premium stock picking subscription service that has consistently beat the market since 2002.

It's led by Motley Fool co-founders David and Tom Gardner who have a long-term and balanced approach to investing aimed at helping it's members on their path to financial freedom.

With a well documented track record based on Warren Buffett like investing principles they have made some of the best stock picks of our time in Amazon, Netflix, Booking Holdings and Marvel.

  • Amazon – up 21,331
  • Netflix – up 20,401%
  • Booking Holdings – up 9,592%
  • NVIDIA – up 15,768%
  • Tesla – up 17,037%

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They also have a refreshingly humble and transparent approach, giving members access to their complete scorecard with all the losing picks right next to winners all the way back to 2002.

Stock Advisor: Investing Focuses

  • Invest in companies with immeasurable greatness and a competitive edge.
  • Choose companies that will benefit from undeniable long-term trends.
  • Invest early on a great business and don’t worry about the price.
  • Tom Gardner’s Focus:
  • Invest in a great company in an out-of-favor industry.
  • Company must have a proven, efficient business model with good financials.
  • Find companies with loyal and experienced management teams with ownership stakes.

What You Get with Stock Advisor:

  • Two Monthly Stock Picks – Every month you will recieve a two picks with a reserach report and video.
  • Additional Picks – Every month you'll also get 10 best buy recommendations. And every year get 10 foundational stocks to help build out a balanced, diversified portfolio for long-term growth.
  • Research Reports – Learn about industry trends and disruptive innovations and the companies poised to benefit from them.
  • Daily Market Briefings – Each morning you'll recieve complete market coverage of all things investing includes specific coverage on the happenings with Stock Advisor recommended stocks.
  • Daily Webcasts – Learn about all things Stock Advisor picks, investing psychology and more through the daily webcasts.

Finding the Best Stock Advisor

When looking to find the best stock advisor it's important to look for a company that has a long track record of success and respect within the investment community.

Not all services and companies are created equal, some have more transparancy than others and with regards to investment performance understand the complete history of the advisory service is important.

Do they publish all the historical recommendations? How often have they out-performed the market, how often have they under-performed? What is their investing philosophy. All of these are helpful questions to ask in evaluating advisory services.

Look for an Advisory Service that Can Teach You

A good advisory service should not just give you buy recommendations, it should also provide education and practical know how on investing.

To succeed in investing you need to have a commitment to continualy keep learning. There are countless of concepts, frameworks and approaches to investing, risk management, taking profits, adding to winners and so on. The more you can learn these concepts and understand the various investing approaches the better off you will be to make wise investing decisions.

Stay focused on long-term investing

Many investing mistakes are made when not having a long-term outlook. As a general rule it import to only invest in companies that you would feel comfortable holding for the long-term.

Now it's possible that you may want to sell earlier than planned due to a change in your original investing thesis which is to be expected, however as a general rule you can avoid a lot of trouble by not investing in companies you don't believe in long-term.

Sometimes we can be tempted to chase a short-term opportunity only to find the stock drops and then you are stuck holding a stock on a company you don't have any real conviction on.

In conclusion finding a reputable stock advisor with a track record of beating the market and a strategic approach to investing can be immensly helpful. It can save you time on research, keeping up with the companies over-time and of course provide really good stock recommendations.

We find the Motley Fool's flagship service to be best stock advisor service, in terms of value, performance of the recommendations and investing education they provide.

There is a reason the service has over a million members and is worth trying.

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Stay focused on long-term investing Stay focused on long-term investing Stay focused on long-term investing Stay focused on long-term investing

About the New York City Investment Fund

The New York City Investment Fund (NYCIF) was a private equity firm that focused on investments in small and medium-sized businesses in the New York City area.

NYCIF was founded in 1996 by Felix G. Rohatyn, former United States ambassador to France and a senior partner at the investment bank Lazard Frères. Rohatyn served as the chairman of NYCIF's board of directors, while Robert Catell, another founding partner and the former chairman and CEO of KeySpan Corporation, served as the CEO.

NYCIF made equity investments in a wide range of industries, including technology, media, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. Some of the notable companies in which NYCIF invested include Gilt Groupe, Kargo, and Oscar Health.

In 2014, NYCIF announced that it would be merging with Robin Hood Ventures to form a new organization called Gotham Ventures. Gotham Ventures would focus on investments in early-stage companies in New York City. Rohatyn continued to serve as chairman of Gotham Ventures, while Catell became a managing partner.

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